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1 in 10 Babies Need NICU Care.

Are You Prepared?​

 Equip yourself for the unexpected with our FREE, engaging NICU Education Videos!

NICU Baby Basics

NICU Baby Basics, your go-to resource for easy-to-follow educational videos designed to help parents understand the essentials of the NICU. Our mission is to alleviate stress and anxiety in the event of an unexpected NICU stay. We recognize that this can be an emotionally challenging time for families, and our aim is to offer valuable support and education to ensure a smoother experience for you and your little one.

Why Choose NICU Baby Basics?

Trusted Experts in NICU Baby Care

Our team at NICU Baby Basics has been there and seen it all. We understand how stressful and overwhelming the NICU experience can be. That's why these educational videos were created: to help you feel more informed and confident as you navigate this journey with your baby.

We're Here for You and Your Little One

It's not just a set of videos; it's a supportive community here to assist you in every aspect. Understanding the challenges and emotions you're experiencing, we provide valuable resources and unwavering support.

The Basics You Need for You and your Baby

NICU Baby Basics provides educational videos for expecting parents about the NICU, covering essential knowledge every parent needs to know and preparing you for unforeseen circumstances.

Peace of Mind for Every Parent

Parents can gain peace of mind knowing that they have access to valuable resources and information. This peace of mind can reduce stress and anxiety, allowing parents to focus on providing the best care for their baby.

What Parents are Saying:

“NICU Baby Basics helped me feel more prepared for my unexpected NICU stay. The videos were easy to follow and provided me with the basics I needed to know. Thank you!”

Sarah, Mom to Jackson

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The content provided in these educational videos is intended solely for learning and informational purposes. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your baby's healthcare provider or physician and follow their recommendations and instructions regarding your baby's health, medical conditions, or treatments.

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