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Hey There,
I'm Brandi

All About Me

My journey as a NICU nurse has been driven by an unwavering commitment to providing the best care and support to the tiniest patients and their families. With years of experience in this field, I've dedicated myself to ensuring that every child, regardless of their size or condition at birth, receives the best possible start in life.

What sets my passion for NICU care apart is that it goes beyond the hospital walls. I'm also a mother of three wonderful children, and each pregnancy and delivery brought its own unique experience. From my first child, who needed a brief NICU stay due to breathing difficulties, to my second child, whose high-risk delivery had NICU experts on standby, I've been on both sides of the spectrum as a parent and a nurse. These personal experiences have deepened my empathy and understanding of the fears and uncertainties that expecting parents face.

Out of this profound passion and personal understanding, NICU Baby Basics was born. It's not just educational videos to me; it's a heartfelt mission. I've seen firsthand how a lack of awareness and preparedness can add unnecessary stress to an already challenging situation for parents. With NICU Baby Basics, my goal is to empower parents with knowledge, ease their worries, and guide them through this journey with confidence.

Beyond my professional and personal life, I'm also an advocate for compassionate and family-centered care in the NICU. I firmly believe that providing emotional support to parents and involving them in their baby's care is crucial for the well-being of both the baby and the family.


Through NICU Baby Basics and my advocacy work, I aim to make a positive impact on the lives of countless parents and their newborns, helping them navigate the NICU journey with strength, resilience, and hope.

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